The Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management is a two semester post graduate and post experience training programme which aims at developing advanced professional knowledge and skills necessary for efficient and effective management of human resources in the Civil Service and Public Sector of Sierra Leone. The Postgraduate Diploma comprises of 14 modules: 4 Basic, 10 Core and a long Essay. Participant may complete the whole course within two semesters of continuous study or by completing its modules within a period of two years. Participants who complete the Postgraduate diploma with a second class University Degree or above will be recommended to do a Master degree program with Njala University which is an affiliate University to CSTC.  The curriculum provides a broad range of theoretical, analytical and practical skills to develop and enhance HRM knowledge and skills.


Candidates must hold an accredited university degree which provides foundation level knowledge appropriate to the proposed course plus 2 years working experience in the Civil Service and Public Sector